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Later we discovered that there a lot of vegans in armed forces and there is lack of vegan rations for them - so we started to ship vegan parcels for them and to people who suffered from war all over Ukraine.

In summer 2022 petition for vegan rations in army launched by vegan soldier collected required 25 000 voices. Government started tests only in autumn, so vegans on a frontline still need our help.

Spring 2022. vegan from Territorial Defence of

Kharkiv received ger package

Lviv Vegan Kitchen is a volunteer initiative launched in first week of the russian aggression in Ukraine. We are a group of vegan activists with a long volunteer history. When the full-scale war started in February 2022. we decided to make our contribution by providing food relief for refugees.


There were thousands of refugees fleeing war and our city - Lviv - became a key point on their way further to Europe, and a lot of them settled in Lviv as well. 


In April we registered as NGO.


March 2, 2022. Along with serving food in our cafee we

organised a vegan spot on main railway station


First we hired a kitchen from our friend's restaurant Vega Room, he planned to shut his business down anyway. Then in May 2022 when more and more refugees were coming we hired a bigger place on Chornovola Ave, 63a. We are still operating at the same place, serving 200-250 meals every day and shipping from 50 to 150 parcels every month.

Summer 2022. Refugees are having their meals

on Lviv Vegan Kitchen, Chornovola, 63a

December 2022. Social Kitchen free raw vegan sweets workshop for refugees took place during

power outage

Also now we are starting a small vegan education campaign - we targeted vegan refugees and tried to help them first, but then more and more non-vegan refugees began sking help and we decided to educate them as well. Also our work is one big vegan prootion itself Many of our guests have switched to veganism.

Also we hosted dozens of community events organised by vegan activists - both educational and entartaining.

After October and November massive missile strikes we faced daily power outages. It was hard to manage even when they were scheduled, but we did, and we had no pauses in our work.

We used propane tank and power generator and a lot of small lamps and candles.

Winter 2022. Cooking during power outage


We developed our own recipe of nutritious vegan protein bars. Vegans on the frontine love them!

This and many other vegan recipes are avaliable on our Patreon.

Winter 2022. Packing protein bars during power outage

We are doing our best to make our food both delicious and nutritious as well as teat our guests gently and kindly to help them feel like home.

We are a fully donation-based initiative and we need constand support of the world vegan community.

Thank you for attention!

Random Lviv Vegan Kitchen meal

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